The ultimate selection of relaxing ocean sounds

Want to fall asleep fast? Need to relax after a stressful day at work? Searching for ambient music for meditation? Are you soothing a baby to sleep? These relaxing ocean sounds will help you.

Ocean sounds are music to our ears. They provide the perfect natural white noise for calming and even healing our minds.

Actually, it has been scientifically proven that ambient water sounds have a drowsing effect on humans. When we listen to slow, whooshing noises, our brains consider them be non-threats and tend to calm us down.

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How to survive a tsunami

Learn how to prepare for a tsunami. Here's what you should do when a tsunami warning is issued.

A tsunami is a powerful wave that damages and destroys buildings and inland infrastructures, and injures or kills people.

The word "tsunami" has its origin in the Japanese words for harbor ("tsu") and wave ("nami").

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What are the differences between breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls

They're everywhere. Discover the differences and similarities between breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls.

What have they got in common? They're all artificial shoreline stabilization structures built to protect inland human constructions, and fight erosion.

Breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls have a significant impact on the shoreline, and can even incidentally create, improve or destroy surf breaks and surfing waves.

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