Water: liquid gold | Photo: Walter-Wilhelm/Creative Commons

World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year. And there's so much we need to do to save and defend the liquid gold.

Water is part of our lives. In developing countries, we never miss water, but that doesn't mean we have shown total respect for the natural resource. We must learn how to improve our daily practices.

Unfortunately, the world's poorest regions are still struggling to get enough water to survive. We need water to drink, but we also need water for basic hygiene needs and sanitation.

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Tidal Lagoon at Swansea Bay: citizens will have a brand new 9.5 kilometer-long causeway | Photo: Tidal Lagoon Power

A British company has plans to build the world's first ever energy-generating tidal lagoon, in Swansea Bay, United Kingdom.

The developers behind Tidal Lagoon Power believe they will produce clean, renewable and predictable power for over 155,000 homes for 120 years. The tidal lagoon project has a 320MW installed capacity and 14 hours of reliable generation every day.

How does a tidal lagoon work? The tidal range in Swansea Bay is of up to 10.5 meters. Engineers will build a one million pound artificial lagoon by constructing a giant causeway ring.

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Oceans: to have and to hold | Photo: Anne Wu/Creative Commons

The Surfrider Foundation has set the priority campaigns for 2015.

Chad Nelsen, CEO at Surfrider, has a lot of on hands. The man behind the world's largest non-governmental surf organization has established the main goals for the year. And he needs your support.

"We currently have 96 campaigns around the country being run by our grassroots network of 85 chapters and, since 2006, we've had over 300 victories in defense of our coasts," explains Nelsen.

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