Plastics: take three pieces of rubbish when you visit a beach | Photo: Antonio Foncubierta/Creative Commons

"Take 3" is an environmental initiative that invites everyone to take three pieces of rubbish with them when they visit the beach or any waterway.

In 2009, Tim Silverwood founded "Take 3". He wanted to raise awareness of the consequences of marine debris - and in particular plastics - on the world's oceans and the species who rely on it for survival.

We know that five trillion plastic pieces are floating in the oceans. While countries start banning plastics from supermarkets and restaurants, we as consumers must refuse, reduce and recycle plastic on a daily basis.

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Polystyrene foam: banned from New York | Photo: Creative Commons

Polystyrene foam has been banned from New York City. The substance will no longer be part of the daily lives of millions of NY citizens from July 1st, 2015.

It's over. New York will be the largest US city to ban plastic foam, in all its forms and shapes. Mayor Bill de Blasio believes the new rule will remove 30,000 tons of foam from waterways, streets and landfills.

"These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City. We have better options, better alternatives, and if more cities across the country follow our lead and institute similar bans, those alternatives will soon become more plentiful and will cost less," underlined de Blasio.

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Plastic bags: getting more and more expensive | Photo: istolethetv/Creative Commons

In 2015, Portugal will implement a green tax reform that will dramatically raise the costs of plastic bags.

Portuguese consumers will have to change their daily habits, especially when buying in the supermarket chains. The local government is introducing new laws concerning the use of plastic bags.

For each bag, consumers will be forced to pay a special tax of 0.08 euros. All revenue raised will support nature conservation projects.

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