Martin's Beach: owned by the people of the United States | Photo: Marcin Wichary/Creative Commons

Vinod Khosla is defying the laws of the United States. Despite being forced to open the gate blocking access to Martin's Beach, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems keeps the door locked.

In the early days of December, Judge Barbara Mallach ordered venture capitalist Khosla to open the gates to Martin's Beach, after four years of blocked access.

"That gate across Martins Beach Road must be unlocked and open to the same extent that it was unlocked and open at the time defendants purchased the property [2008]," Barbara Mallach wrote.

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Plastic soup: check the global count density in four size classes | Illustration: 5 Gyres

A study by 5 Gyres reveals that there are 270,000 metric tonnes of plastics floating in all of the world's oceans.

Plastics are ruling our seas and oceans. A team of researchers led by Marcus Eriksen, co-founder of 5 Gyres, used an oceanographic model to calculate a total of 5.25 trillion particles weighing 268,940 tons floating over salted water.

5 Gyres also compared plastic pollution levels between oceans and across four size classes: 0.33–1.00 mm (small microplastics), 1.01–4.75 mm (large microplastics), 4.76–200 mm (mesoplastic), and >200 mm (macroplastic).

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Turtle Bay Resort: Stoke Certified | Photo: Turtle Bay Resort

Oahu's Turtle Bay Resort has been awarded with "Stoke Certified", the world's first sustainability certification program to focus exclusively on surf and snow resorts.

The onsite evaluation of Turtle Bay Resort analyzed 142 criteria and 326 sustainability indicators resulting in a compliance score of 83%. It is now the second surf resort in the world, and the first in Hawaii, to be awarded the sustainable certification.

"Over the past year, we've collaborated with Stoke to further our master plan for the benefit of all guests who seek a resort experience that is in keeping with the spirit of the North Shore," explains Scott McCormack, vice president of Turtle Bay Resort.

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