20 things you should never flush down your toilet

Our home toilets are not trash cans made for dumping personal care and hygiene products. Here's what you shouldn't flush down the loo.

There are only three things that you can flush down the toilet - urine, feces and toilet paper. In other words, human waste, or the three Ps: pee, poo, and paper.

The wastewater journey usually takes one of two directions. It either heads by way of a pipe to your community's local sewer, or into a septic tank close to your home.

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Surfrider Foundation launches new logo to celebrate 500 coastal victories

Surfrider Foundation celebrated its 34th anniversary with the launch of a new logo and wordmark.

The non-governmental environmental organization unveiled a new brand identity and announced a historic milestone: 500 coastal victories.

"In 2018, we have achieved 47 victories. We define a 'victory' as a government decision made in favor of the coastal and ocean environment that results in a positive conservation outcome or improves public access," stresses Surfrider.

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Fascinating facts about the Great Barrier Reef

It's a marine playground, and one of the most impressive natural scenarios our planet has to offer. Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Earth's largest living structure.

For many the Great Barrier Reef is nature's greatest gift to Australia; a mosaic of marine life where oceanographers and biologists find plenty of reasons to do research.

You can actually spot the GBR from outer space. The area is larger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands combined, and roughly the size of Texas.

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Portugal is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, food, historical monuments, nice weather, and friendly people. But the westernmost European country is also a popular wave riding destination.

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