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The chumming flag was created in March 1997 from a simple question asked by a caller to "Let's Talk Hookup," a call-in fishing radio program in San Diego, California.
Between bathing fun and the summer breeze, many people quickly underestimate the carcinogenic effects of the sun's UV radiation.
Where does the universal smell of Earth come from? Here's everything you need to know about petrichor, the pleasant scent of soil after it rains.
Gale warnings are notifications issued by national meteorological agencies that save lives and minimize property damage and loss. Here's how these extreme weather alerts work.
World-renowned surf photographer and filmmaker Tim McKenna released "Waves Story," a short movie featuring professional freediver Arnaud Jerald.
Over the years, the world has witnessed a continual rise in environmental pollution, which can come in the form of air, water, and plastic pollution.