Environment News Headlines and Top Stories

This week, the 2 Minute Foundation celebrates its transition from non-profit to charity, after six years of campaigning to inspire beachgoers and lovers of the great outdoors to take two minutes out of their day to make a difference.
Thousands of penis-shaped marine creatures have appeared at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes, Northern California.
The Ocean Cleanup announced that the first batch of plastic captured in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be transformed into sustainable products.
Whether you like her or not, she is one of the most influential environmental campaigners of the 21st century. Here's everything you should know about Greta Thunberg.
They float, but they aren't made of gas. They look like cotton, but they're water. Here's everything you need to know about clouds.
  • A sun dog, or sundog, is a natural optical phenomenon consisting of one or two colored luminous spots appearing on either side of the Sun.
  • Every year, nonprofit environmental organization Heal the Bay assigns A-to-F letter grades to beaches along the California coast.
  • A heat wave, or heatwave, is a period of two or more consecutive days with apparent temperatures exceeding 105°F to 110°F (40°C to 43°C) on National Weather Service's Heat Index.
  • Have you ever wondered how a beach is formed? The formation of sand strips is a long process that involves minerals, water, wind, waves, and tides.

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