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How long can we live without it? What is the physical and emotional impact the big ball of fire has on you? Embrace the most powerful quotes about the Sun.
They look like breaking ocean waves in the sky, and they're not an optical illusion. Here's everything you must know about Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds.
A young Russian filmmaker is determined to save our marine ecosystems from dangerous and underregulated deep-sea oil drilling.
Have you ever been swimming in the sea, accidentally gotten a mouthful of ocean water, and wondered why the ocean is salty?
The brain-eating amoeba is a single-celled living organism that can be found all around the world in untreated or inadequately chlorinated warm freshwater bodies.
It's the world's most venomous fish and is potentially lethal if not treated quickly. Meet the stonefish, the camouflaged marine predator.