What are the differences between breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls

They're everywhere. Discover the differences and similarities between breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls.

What have they got in common? They're all artificial shoreline stabilization structures built to protect inland human constructions, and fight erosion.

Breakwaters, groins, jetties and seawalls have a significant impact on the shoreline, and can even incidentally create, improve or destroy surf breaks and surfing waves.

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What are edible water bottles?

An edible water bottle is a transparent sachet made from chloride and seaweed that contains one portion of water inside. It is biodegradable and can actually be eaten.

The prototype named Ooho! was created in 2014 in London by a group of design students. Soon after, Rodrigo Garcia González and Pierre-Yves Paslier co-founded Skipping Rocks Lab.

The startup company quickly raised funds and started improving the properties of the material at Imperial College London.

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WasteShark: the aquatic drone that picks up trash and collects data

Meet the WasteShark, a smart aquatic drone that swims through the water to collect trash out of rivers ports, and marinas.

The relatively portable device - 1.55 meters long, 1.07 meters wide, and 45 centimeters mm deep - simultaneously scans and collects water quality data.

WasteShark is capable of gathering anything from plastics and vegetation like algae to any other floating debris, and even marine fuels, oils, and other chemicals.

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Brad Spencer, Annissa Flynn, and Daniel Tarapchak have taken out the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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