What are the five oceans of the world?

Seventy-one percent of Earth's surface is covered with water. The five oceans of the world rule the planet.

Oceans are responsible for the existence of life in our world. Life started in the ocean, and today, more than 230,000 marine species call the sea their home.

Oceans control the Earth's climate and temperature. They balance heat and are crucial for the creation of rainfall.

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The importance of sand dunes to the coastline

Sand dunes are natural barriers against the powerful waves and windy storms. Beach dunes are also a rich habitat for specific vegetation and wildlife.

The biggest and most common threats to sand dunes have a human origin - the construction of houses and condos, car parks, roads, piers, groins, as well as sand mining and farming are the worst enemies of these sand banks.

The sea level rise - a direct result of global warming - is also destroying these extraordinary natural fences. But again, the human touch is always present.

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Hawaii's Net Patrol battles ghost fishing gear

In just one year alone, Net Patrol has already removed 47,000 pounds of marine debris off of Kauai's coastlines.

The program, run by the Surfrider Foundation in Kauai, pulls derelict fishing nets from the Hawaiian shores. Barbara Wiedner and her crew dedicated 3,000 hours of volunteering to remove these floating threats from the ocean and beach.

Abandoned fishing nets have become a global danger, and they represent 10 percent of all marine litter. Ghost fishing gear is responsible for the death and injury of turtles and many other sea animals.

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