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Texas Open Beaches Act

The Texas Open Beaches Act has been a star example of beach management since it was first enacted in 1959, providing for free and unrestricted use of the state's beaches and shores.

Bastion Point

Minister for Planning Justin Madden today ignored the basic principles of the Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008 when he announced the go ahead for the controversial Bastion Point breakwater and headland development in Mallacoota in the state’s far-east.

2009 SIMA Waterman's Ball

The SIMA Environmental Fund raised more than $50,000 at the fifth annual Waterman’s Weekend Underwriting Party on Friday, June 5.  More than 100 surf industry executives and friends attended the underwriting party, held at the oceanfront Cyprus Shore Community Park.

Surf Industry conquer Environmental Business of the Year Award

The Orange County League of Conservation Voters recently awarded their annual environmental leadership awards at the University of California, Irvine University Club.

Fernando Aguerre (center) and Save the Waves board of directors

Life Is A Wave, the third annual fundraiser event hosted by Save The Waves Coalition in downtown San Francisco, rocked The City last Thursday night, May 14.

2009 International Surfing Day

On June 20, 2009, surfers globally will wax their boards, paddle out and catch waves in honor of International Surfing Day presented by Monster Energy.

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