Environment News Headlines and Top Stories

The Coca-Cola head of sustainability underlined that the company will continue to produce single-use plastic bottles because consumers still want them.
China, the world's most populated nation, will ban non-biodegradable plastic bags in major Chinese cities by the end of 2020.
On January 20, 2020, Spain's Ports of the State announced the largest significant wave height in recorded history in the Mediterranean Sea.
The tragedy of the commons (TOTC) is an economic concept for a feature of Feudal land tenure in England by which tenants were granted exclusive use of defined areas and non-exclusive use of the "commons" for extra grazing.
The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season has already been considered the worst in the history of the country.
This week, the 2 Minute Foundation celebrates its transition from non-profit to charity, after six years of campaigning to inspire beachgoers and lovers of the great outdoors to take two minutes out of their day to make a difference.