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Plastic is the most common type of marine debris found in the world's oceans.
Humans could be ingesting five grams of plastic every week, according to a study by Australia's University of Newcastle.
On 15 June 2019, divers from around the globe came together in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to set a new Guinness World Record for the most participants in an underwater cleanup in 24 hours.
Oceanography is the science that studies the oceans of the world, their ever dynamical interactions, fluxes, and changes from ecosystems and marine life to wave and currents, sediment movements, and seabed geology.
In 2019, the city will be constructing an artificial reef as part of the Palm Beach Shoreline Project.
Thalassophobia is the abnormal, persistent, and irrational fear of the sea or large, deep, and dark bodies of water.