Game Description

Take control of the "Vaus" space vessel and prevent the energy ball from falling from the playing field.

Try to bounce it against the pattern of bricks to make them disappear.

Collect the different power-ups to fire the laser beam, slow down the ball, gain an additional life, expand the "Vaus," and catch the energy ball.

"Arkanoid" is a 1986 arcade block breaker game developed and published by Taito.

The player controls a paddle-like craft known as the Vaus, and the objective is to clear a formation of colorful blocks by deflecting a ball toward them without letting it leave the bottom edge of the playfield.

Arkanoid is an update of the early ball and paddle video games, specifically Atari's 1978 classic "Super Breakout."

The game is also known for its similarities to "Super Breakout," and the game's goal is to control a ball with a paddle and attempt to break all the colored panels on each level.


Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move the space vessel left and right;
Space: Fire;