Game Description

Play a billiards game online. Choose between an 8-ball game or a straight pool game.

Challenge a friend or pocket the balls against the computer.


The main goal in eight-ball is for one player to pocket all of their assigned group of balls (solids: 1-7 or stripes: 9-15) and then legally pocket the 8-ball to win.

The game begins with a break shot.

After the break, players or teams are assigned either stripes or solids based on who legally pockets a ball first.

Players must then pocket all of their group's balls. If a player pockets a ball, they get another shot.

The first player or team to legally pocket the 8-ball, after clearing their group of balls, wins.

However, pocketing the 8-ball before clearing your group, pocketing it in an uncalled pocket, or causing it to leave the table results in an immediate loss.

Fouls include failing to hit your own ball first, not pocketing any ball, and pocketing the cue ball (scratch).

After a foul, the opposing player gets ball-in-hand (placing the cue ball anywhere on the table for the next shot).

Straight Pool

In straight-pool, the goal is to reach a predetermined number of points, which are scored by pocketing balls. Each ball pocketed counts as one point.

The game starts with a break. Then, players try to pocket any ball.

The key difference is that players are not assigned specific balls; any ball pocketed counts towards their score.

A unique aspect of straight-pool is the need to leave one ball on the table while pocketing the last of the initial 14 balls, then re-rack the 14 pocketed balls, continuing the run.

The player who reaches the agreed-upon point total first wins.

This total can vary, with common totals being 100 or 150 points in professional matches.

Similar to eight-ball, fouls in straight-pool include failing to hit a ball, pocketing the cue ball, or not driving any ball to a rail after a shot.

Fouls usually result in a penalty of one point and give the opponent ball-in-hand.


Mouse: Direction;
Left Mouse Button: Strike;