Game Description

"BMX Master" is a bicycle motocross game that challenges you to become a pro bike racer by performing stunning tricks in several urban obstacles.

The goal is to perform highly technical stunts and pull off advanced freestyle maneuvers on your BMX bike.

So, ride your bike down the tricky tracks quickly but wisely, ensuring you don't crash along the way.

Whenever you fall or wipe out, you lose precious points.

The more complex combos you do, the more points you'll score throughout the several breathtaking ramps and scenarios.

Pick the bike that best suits your racing style. Remember that there are eight different tricks you can pull off while airborne.

Upgrade your equipment through each stage and try to complete all challenge modes of this addictive online BMX game.


Up/Down: Forward/Reverse;
Left/Right: Lean back/forward;
Enter: Turn around;
1-8: Stunts;