Game Description

"Dolphin Olympics 2" is an exciting aquatic game that invites you to score as many points as possible in two minutes.

The goal is to swim and flip your dolphin.

All you have to do is drive the mammal to stellar jumps by building speed and pulling bigger and better tricks.

Perform perfect water entries and earn a special speed boost.

You have two minutes to score as many points as possible, making sure you land your jumps cleanly, nose first, to get the bonus.

Also, take off quickly after landing to chain your jumps together into big combos.

Remember to approach the surface of the water at a low angle and press down to do a tailslide.

The faster you go, the easier it will be for your Olympic dolphin to reach the sky!


Up/Down: Accelerate/Roll;
Left/Right: Turn;
A, S, D: Perform tricks;