Game Description

"FMX Team 2" is a motocross bike racing game. Gain experience points and upgrade your riders as you complete freestyle and downhill goals.

The player's task in the game is to pick a bike and perform tricks while trying to win various challenges.

The bike is controlled using the arrow keys, with the number keys 1-6 being used to perform tricks in the air​​.

In addition to the basic gameplay, "FMX Team 2" includes a number of features and improvements over its predecessor.

These include a new physics engine, the ability to manually tune bikes, revamped graphics, and music on all levels.

The game features different types of tracks, including freestyle, downhill, and big jump tracks.

Furthermore, it introduces ten new stunts.


Up/Down: Throttle/Brake
Left/Right: Lean back/forward
1-6: Tricks and stunts