Game Description

Complete aerial tricks in the half-pipe in GMax Skateboarding.

Hit the down cursor repeatedly to gain speed and perform airborne skateboard maneuvers.

It's a simple yet challenging skateboarding game for the purists of the sport, with lots of hidden tricks.

You can choose to ride the half pipe in the following spots:

  • The Warehouse: A perfect location to hardcore skate and tweak every bone in your body in the all-continuous search for "The Animal Chin";
  • Ocean Beach: If your last name is Styles, don't miss this opportunity to kick back in the sun and catch some sick air cab-style;
  • Ice: Where did this idea emerge from? Well, as long as it is here, drop in and skate the sketchiest run of your life.

Feel free to either compete or free skate - just make sure you shred.


Down: Hit repeatedly to gain speed;
Left/Right: Turn and do tricks;
Up: Perform tricks while in the air;