Dominik Zimmermann: nice helmet

Florian Gruber, Dominik Zimmermann and Romain Luppi dominated the Ozone Snowkite Masters 2014, at Bernina Pass and Silvaplana, Switzerland.

The event was run alongside the Swiss Snowkite Tour. A total of 40 riders got racing together around marks and natural obstacles, in exciting wind conditions.

The Bernina Pass is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps, near St. Moritz, on the Italian border. Snow is simply everywhere.

Dominik Zimmermann won five out of six races in the ski division, leaving Florian Gruber with one bullet. In the snowboard affair, Romain Luppi ended up in first place.

The Traser H3 Watches Speed Contest would offer an exciting challenge. Accelerate downhill and ride as fast as you can to win the event.

Florian Gruber managed to speed up to the 97km/h. Didier Botta got up to 92km/h on a snowboard.

Ozone Snowkite Masters 2014 Results:

Race Ski
1. Dominik Zimmermann
2. Florian Gruber
3. Olivier Buchi

Race Snowboard
1. Romain Luppi
2. Matt Taggart
3. Marek Zach

1. Florian Gruber, 97km/h
2. Diddier Botta, 92km/h

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