Luderitz Speed Challenge: chasing Caizergues

The organization behind the Luderitz Speed Challenge promises improvements in the sailing channel for the 2014 edition.

The preparation for the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2014 is on. This year, a maximum of 20 riders per week will be allowed to fight for personal, national and world records.

Kiteboarders and windsurfers will see a new speed strip, with improvements made based on relevant feedback from competitors. The goal is to record faster speeds in less wind power.

"Luderitz and Namibia has become a place that has revolutionized our sport. It has inspired the speed industry all over the World and has pushed other events and grown the interest in our sport in general," highlights Sophie Routaboul, co-organizer of the speed sailing event.

But the pressure's on for the Luderitz challengers. Alex Caizergues currently holds the world speed kiteboarding record at 56.62 knots, set in Salin-de-Giraud.

The mark was established in France while the world's best speed sailors were all racing for records in Luderitz. Is there a revenge in the making?

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