2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer: sharing and caring

The 2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raised over $100,000 for Camp Koru's adventure retreat program.

A total of 154 kiteboarders sailed the Hood River for more than six hours. In the end, riders completed 2314 laps around the course, in 9-13 knot winds.

Brandon Scheid, Carol Bolstad and Team Patagonia Randoms won the 2014 edition of Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. The fleet had pro kiteboarders and cancer survivors kiting side by side.

Surfing legend Gerry Lopez dropped by, as well as pro kiteboarders Jason Slezak and Jesse Richman. Brandon Scheid completed 70 laps. He was followed by Tony Bolstad (62 laps), and Cory Roeseler (55 laps).

Mandi Browning, former US National Team synchronized swimmer, was the top individual fundraiser. She raised $8,605 and was only overtaken by the Patagonia Team.

"Life can certainly throw you some major speed bumps. I think what makes the difference is how we choose to traverse them. I prefer to do this with grace, integrity, and living my life as a positive example for others (especially for my daughter)," explains Browning.

"I was first diagnosed 17 years ago. I fought my last battle three years ago, and I'm standing my ground today, cancer-free. This is an incredible opportunity, and I am honored to be a part of this awesome event."

2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Results

1. Brandon Scheid - 70 laps
2. Tony Bolstad - 62 laps
3. Cory Roeseler - 55 laps
4. Allen Beeler - 50 laps
4. Eric Reimer - 50 laps

1. Carol Bolstad - 48 laps
2. Rachel Callahan - 44 laps
3. Savannah Boersma - 34 laps

1. Vetea Boersma - 42 laps
2. Savannah Boersma - 34 laps
3. JonMichael Harmon - 32 laps

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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