Johnny Heineken: sailing after the Swiss chocolate

Johnny Heineken celebrated victory in Silvaplana, Switzerland, during the second stop of the KiteFoil GoldCup.

Kiteboarders from 15 nations traveled to Engadin, in the Swiss Alps, a mecca for skiers in winter, to compete at 1,800 meters above sea level in the latest sailing sensation: kite foilboarding.

The crystal-clear blue lake tested the long high tech fins, which require incredible skill to control - you're literally flying on a knife edge, at warp speed, and with almost no drag resistance.

In the last day of competition, the wind direction had to turn from the southwest to be able to set a course. Unfortunately, it didn't switch around, so the race committee had to pull the plug, and previous results stick.

"We love the feeling obviously. It's fun, it's fast, and it's like flying above the water. The racing is really good, so that's the draw. There's definitely a lot of appeal," underlines Johnny Heineken, who won seven races.

The IKA KiteFoil GoldCup 2014 now heads to Townsville, in Australia.

KiteFoil GoldCup 2014 | Silvaplana

1. Johnny Heineken
2. Oliver Bridge
3. Nicholas Parlier
4. Maxime Nocher
5. Benni Boelli

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