Oliver Bridge: the future of kiteboarding | Photo: Bogo/Sieplywa.pl

Oliver Bridge and Elena Kalinina are the new king and queen of European kiteboarding. They've won the 2014 Formula Kite European Championship, at Mielno, Poland.

With winds ranging between one and five knots, the medal races were not run, and the Championship was officially closed.

Oliver Bridge successfully defended his top podium spot secured in the previous races. The young British kiteboarder was crowned European champion in three categories: Under 18, Under 21 and Open Men. A stunning achievement.

Florian Trittel finished the Open Men division in second place, and the third place went to Riccardo Leccese. Elena Kalinina dominated the Women's category. She was followed by Agnieszka Grzymska and Tatiana Sysoeva.

The 2014 2014 Formula Kite European champion in the Masters' division is Tomek Janiak.

2014 Formula Kite European Championship | Final Results

1. Oliver Bridge
2. Florian Trittel
3. Riccardo Leccese

1. Elena Kalinina
2. Aga Grzymska
3. Tatiana Sysoeva

1. Tomek Janiak
2. Viktoras Seputa
3. Erwin Gruber

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