KB4girls: female kite power Photo: KB4girls

The International Female Kite Week 2014 will be run worldwide between December 1st-7th.

The initiative was developed by Kristin Boese, former world kiteboarding champion and founder of KB4girls. The mission is to get girls and women around the planet into the celebrations, whether in non-competitive female kiteboarding meetings or social events held by the KB4girls chapters.

The highlight of the International Female Kite Week 2014 celebrations will be a big online raffle, starting on the 30th November, and ending on 7th December 7th. There are over $8000 in prizes up for grabs, including kites, boards, shopping vouchers, surf cameras, gadgets, harnesses, watches and surf gear.

"Female Kite week is about acknowledging all those kite girls who have come before us, those in the trenches of supporting us in this moment, and those who aspire to taste the sweet experiences yet to come," explains Elea Faucheron, South Carolina KB4girls ambassador.

"Kiteboarding cultivates a unique set of skills in women as they discover how they can pilot their lives, where they can lean into courage, and how determination catapults them through obstacles. International Female Kite week is about empowering women to celebrate the best in themselves."

KB4girls Chapters have also scheduled multiple events across the world, including:

December 1st - Mexico: Downwinder from ExotiKite Kiteboarding School to Buena Vista
December 4th - Morocco: Downwinder from Moulay to Essaouira
December 5th - Dominican Republic: Waveriding Clinic with Audrey
December 6th - USA/Maui: Gathering of female kiters at Pavilions
December 6th - USA/Charleston: Fun at the Indoor Trampoline Park
December 6th - Dominican Republic: Downwinder from LEK to Enquentro
December 6th - Israel: Fun Gathering and SUP event
December 7th - Australia: International Female Kite Week celebration
December 7th - UK: Girls Week Celebration

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