Francisco Lufinha: tired and happy

Portuguese kiteboarder Francisco Lufinha has successfully sailed between the Savage Islands (Ilhas Selvagens) and Funchal, in Madeira.

Lufinha, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest kiteboarding journey, left the small Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic at 6am and touched firm land at 6pm.

The kiteboarder embarked on a 12-hour adventure for a total of 303 kilometers (163 nautical miles). The wind and swell were not always on his side, but that was not the main problem.

"Two hours after leaving, the harness began pulling my left lung into the ribs. I spent 12 hours struggling to hold just one more hour. No doubt it was another big challenge overcome. There were fewer kilometers [than the previous record crossing] but it was very tough," Lufinha reveals.

Francisco reached a maximum speed of 35.16 kilometers per hour, and his average speed was of 23.72 kilometers per hour. He is the third man to complete the crossing between Ilhas Selvagens and Funchal: Frederico Rezende did it a jet ski (2008), and João Rodrigues sailed it in his windsurfer (2011).

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