Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing: it's cold out there

The 2015 Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing will hit Garrison, Minnesota, between March 6th-80th, 2015.

The 11th edition of the snow kiteboarding competition invites riders to complete a 28-mile race across the icy surface of the Mille Lacs Lake.

Denis Kune, Joe Levins, Jeff Cole, Rob Evans, Marty Roy, Kate Perkins, Adam Burggraff and Vicky Hanson are some of the stars t total of 75 participants.

The Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing is considered to be the most challenging snow kiteboarding competition in the USA. The event also features freestyle short sprint race divisions.

The lake is 14 miles wide, 20 miles long; the maximum depth is 42 feet. The contest was founded by Michael Fox, after completing 20 years of windsurfing crossings on Lake Mille Lacs.

Brad Spencer, Annissa Flynn, and Daniel Tarapchak have taken out the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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