Wave kitesurfing: added to the 2015 PKRA World Tour | Photo: Toby Bromwich/PKRA

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) has introduced the Overall 2015 PKRA World Tour Title for the best rider across all disciplines.

Slalom, Freestyle, Big Air and Wave. The 2015 PKRA World Tour calls the best kitesurfers in the world to a redesigned new season. The worldwide circuit will kick off in Dakhla, Morocco, on the 18th March.

Wave kitesurfers will return to the PKRA circus with a full calendar. There will be a qualifying series at every Wave event scheduled during the 2015 season. Twenty-four men and 12 women will be in the initial Dakhla ladder, plus three local wildcards.

The Big Air specialists will also have the opportunity to show how high they can fly. In this division, there will be 24 male riders and 12 female kiteboarders in the ladder to glory.

The Freestyle athletes will have two qualifying events in the 2015 season; one in Dakhla and another one in Tarifa later in the year.

The Moroccan stage will not feature Slalom kiteboarding. The PKRA has also confirmed that the "Overall Title" will have a winner-takes-it-all format.

2015 PKRA Dakhla | Pre-Qualified Riders

Men Freestyle

Christophe Tack
Liam Whaley
Aaron Hadlow
Youri Zoon
Alexandre Neto
Marc Jacobs
Reno Romeu
Eudazio Da Silva
Stefan Spiessberger
David Tonijuan
Robinson Hilario
Felix Antonio Martinez
Michael Schitzhofer
Sergei Borisov

Women Freestyle

Karolina Winkowska
Gisela Pulido
Bruna Kajiya
Annelous Lammerts
Manuela Jungo
Kristin Oja
Helena Brochocka

Men Wave

Keahi De Aboitiz
Pedro Henrique
Mitu Monteiro
Filippe Ferreira
Marciel Lopez
Jose Silva
Sebastian Ribeiro
Kevin Langeree

Women Wave

Moona Whyte
Kirsty Jones
Jalou Langeree
Mila Ferreira

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