Blown Away Festival

The festival is for kites & wind sports being co-coordinated by the local wind sports club Wind & Wheels in conjunction with North Somerset Council.

Given enough support this event could grow year on year. In the future we may be able to attract more support from local and national business. We have been given the opportunity to use the whole beach from the Pier to Uphill for a weekend during the Easter holidays. We believe there should be some spectacular views of this event from the new 40m big wheel on the beach lawns near the Tourist information centre.

The AKF & friends will have an arena to demonstrate the pleasure of kite flying and promote their long standing club. This arena will be between the Pier and the SeaQuarium with parking between the Tropicana and the SeaQuarium.

STACK will be hosting the 1st round of the UK national stunt kite championship in an arena alongside the AKF. STACK hope to complete 10 hrs of competition over the weekend including individual & pairs, teams flying dual line and quad line kites in both precision and ballet routines.

The BLSA are hosting the 1st round of the national Blokart championships. They will be based at the Uphill entrance to the beach and will race from the windzone all the way down the beach to the kitesurf competition by the Tropicana car park. Blokarts are mini landyachts that pack down easily to fit the boot of your car.

The SuperCup will be hosting parakarting or kite buggy racing alternating with the BLSA blokart racing on the main length of beach. They will be based at the Royal Sands car park, which will be closed to the public for this weekend. Traffic will be directed to an enlarged Tropicana beach car park.

The BFSLYC will be on hand to demonstrate various types of landyacht. They will also be near the Royal Sands car park. (BFSLYC is the British Federation of Sand and Landyacht clubs). Wind & Wheels is proud to be part of this national federation that represents our sport nationally, in Europe and Worldwide at FISLY (Federation International of sand and landyacht clubs).

The 18th & 19th of April has been chosen for the neap tide which give us plenty of beach throughout the weekend, with high tides of only 8.05m at 13.05 hrs on Saturday and 8.09m at 14.54 hrs on the Sunday, giving us enough sea for the kite surfers.

The BKSA are running a charity kitesurf & landboard competition featuring teams of 2 in fancy dress. Prizes will be awarded for: 

Disciplines – Highest jump
Synchronised - Jumping – Moves in 5 mins
Race – Kite landboard – Kitesurf combined
Best Fancy Dress etc.
This will be happening to the left of the Tropicana beach car park.

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