Lewis Crathern: big air specialist | Photo: lewiscrathern.com

Brandon Scheid, Lewis Crathern and Jason Blanchard have claimed the 2015 Kite Clash, held in windy Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

The three-day competition attracted international riders and also included the Canadian National Championships. In the freestyle division, Carol and Scheid showed their tremendous creativity and claimed first place.

"I had a great day at Kite Clash. Managed to walk away with first. Stoked to ride a final with all the boys," expressed Brandon Scheid.

The Kite Clash 2015 also featured a Big Air contest. The spectacular show held in front of still snowy mountains and seals popping up everywhere crowned Corrie Coons (10.3 meters) and Lewis Crathern (9.8 meters).

"I'm over the moon to have left Canada with two podiums at the 2015 Kite Clash. British Columbia and the town of Squamish really impressed me; not many places can boast a statistic of 60 days in a row!" added Crathern.

Sam Medysky (Men), Min Kim (Women) and Jason Blanchard (Junior) won the 2015 Canadian freestyle kiteboarding titles.

2015 Kite Clash | Winners

Brandon Scheid (Men), Colleen Carol (Women), Jason Blanchard (Junior) and Jake Cook (Masters)

Big Air
Lewis Crathern (Men) and Corrie Coons (Women)

Best Trick
Jason Blanchard (Men) and Min Kim (Women)

2015 Canadian National Championships in Kiteboarding Freestyle | Champions

Sam Medysky (Men), Min Kim (Women), Jason Blanchard (Junior) and Bille Kipling (Masters)

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