John Perry: he can hardly see the kite

John Perry has gone kiteboarding with 200-meter (656 feet) kite lines.

The creative kiteboarder loves to develop his own custom lines. Recently, Perry rode a 2016 Slingshot Turbine kite, equipped with 100-meter ropes, in light wind conditions at the mouth of the Hood River, in Oregon.

The brand's R&D gear tester proved it is possible to sail in surface winds of nearly zero knots - a light breeze is what it takes to get the Turbine up in the sky.

Not happy with a 100-meter set of kite lines, Perry and the Slingshot scientists decided to step up the game. And they've doubled the length of the wires. That's right - no less than 200 meters.

John Perry can hardly see the kite. Bizarrely, or maybe not, the experience is a complete success. The rider sails away with very light winds aloft, and returns to shore with a smile on his face.

Getting pounded by an overhead shore break wave is tough, and it can get worse if you're held underwater for more than your lungs authorize you to.

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