Nick Jacobsen: jumping off Richard Branson's house in Moskito Island | Photo: Owen Buggy

Nick Jacobsen has jumped off Richard Branson's family property on Mosquito Island, in the British Virgin Islands.

In June 2015, the Danish stunt kiteboarder successfully bounced off the top of Necker Island's Great House, located 131 feet above sea level. In the end, Branson invited him to do the same in his other Caribbean home.

Jacobsen tried to do it 24 hours after the Necker Island stunt, but the conditions were far from perfect, and he had to climb down. But Nick didn't quit.

"Tenacious and courageous, Nick was eager to take back up the challenge on his return to the BVI yesterday. The Moskito jump is just one in a number of awe-inspiring stunts that Nick is performing," underlined Richard Branson.

Love when things turn out the way you did not plan. Yesterday, I found myself waking up on Moskito Island in the BVI. That was sketchy. Thanks, Richard Branson, for letting me do this. Again. Just from a different island. I am never going to do that again. Not on this house," joked Nick Jacobsen.

The kite jump specialist flew from the highest point of Branson's house, clearing hundreds of feet of cliffs and rocks and landed safely in the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Mosquito Island, often spelled Moskito Island, is a private island bought by the Virgin CEO, in 2005, for 10 million pounds.

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