Francisco Lufinha: he sailed 874 kilometers non-stop | Photo: Joao Ferrand

In July 2015, Portuguese kitesurfer Francisco Lufinha broke the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop kitesurfing journey. A new documentary tells the whole story behind the unprecedented feat.

The goal was to beat the 564-kilometer (304 nautical miles) world record and push it as far as possible in an Atlantic Ocean crossing between Lisbon and the island of Madeira. Aiming for a maximum of 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles), the adventure was named Mini Kitesurf Odyssey 2015.

Lufinha rode his kite non-stop for 47 hours and 37 minutes. He had several setbacks and only called it quits after completing more than 85 percent of the journey between Lisboa and the archipelago.

The Portuguese sailed 874 kilometers (472 nautical miles) and managed to improve his own record by 310 kilometers (167 nautical miles). The 51-minute documentary on his kitesurfing project reveals how he got ready for the challenge, and how he coped with the Atlantic adversities.

What will Francisco Lufinha do next? Are there any plans for any new crossings? One thing is certain - he will return with something special.

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