North Kiteboarding Academy: instructional videos that will improve your skills | Photo: JT Pro Center

North Kiteboarding announced the launch of a mobile app that will help you improve your riding skills.

The North Kiteboarding Academy has been specifically designed to deliver high-quality video content so that riders can boost their beginner, intermediate and advanced tricks to new levels of excellence.

The app allows you to learn how you can perform tricks and maneuvers performed by the brand's team riders. Hooked or unhooked, with a surfboard or foil, beginner or intermediate tricks - it's all in there.

The video library includes hundreds of advanced training videos carefully edited by athletes, kiteboarding instructors, and sports scientists. North Kiteboarding wants it to be the most progressive way to learn safely.

The instructional clips were shot at Jeremie Tronet's JT Pro Center, in the Grenadines. "We had a lot of fun shooting these videos, and I am sure everyone will find them useful to reach the next level in their progression," revealed Tronet.

The North Kiteboarding Academy launches on the 18th October 2016, and it will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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