Felipe Moure Lopez: on a quest to land a Blind Judge 5

Felipe Moure Lopez is on a mission. He wants to become the oldest man in the world to land a blind judge 5.

Lopez is nearly 40. The Spanish kiteboarder from A Coruña is no longer a teenager with plastic bones. Felipe says he feels the age in his body, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

In the last year, Moure Lopez released two video clips in which he shares his exotic quest to become the first "grandfather" to perform the freestyle trick. He gets tips from Liam Whaley, works out hard, and even rides his kite naked.

"I wanted to inspire 'old' people like me to keep on pushing the level and limits, and forget ages because it's not about age - it's about attitude! This is a story to motivate people," explains Felipe Moure Lopez.

After failing to complete the blind judge 5 in Egypt, and Brazil, the crazy Spanish returns for another hallucinated attempt. Can he do it this time?

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