Kiteboard Hero: the new kiteboarding game by Core Kites

Have you ever dreamed of playing a kiteboarding game? Wait no more. "Kiteboard Hero" is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The game was developed by Core Kites and Mind Pump Games and promises to deliver the real feel of riding a kite. With 3D graphics and realistic physics "Kiteboard Hero" will certainly take a few hours of your spare time.

Alternatively, if the wind isn't blowing, you can always grab your smartphone and play one of the three modes available: the Training Camp, the Freeride, and the Challenge Mode.

In other words, you can practice the fundamentals of the sport, cruise around, explore, pull and land tricks, unlock achievements, and complete 50 challenges. If you're a fan of big air maneuvers, you should give "Kiteboard Hero" a go.

The kitesurfing game puts the rider sailing in Le Morne, a peninsula located on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Players can choose the kite and the board they prefer.

"Kiteboard Hero" features variable weather, which means you will get different wind directions and wind speeds every time you play the game.

Get it until April 12, 2017, for only $1.99.

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