Matchu Lopes: he stormed Fehmarn | Photo: Pollex/HochZwei

The 2017 GKA World Tour will be decided in Mauritius after Matchu Lopes won the penultimate event of the season in Fehmarn, Germany.

The Kitesurf World Cup final kicked with a bang. Airton Cozzolino put the pressure on Lopes with a flat-3 and a shifty-3, but Lopes answered with a stunning board-off back loop kite loop and a big rodeo.

Despite the sudden increase in wind speed, Airton tried to land an handle pass, but Matchu nailed a huge tic-tac kite loop and then a big superman backroll that proved critical and awarded him the first event win of the season.

"I'm feeling blessed by God, today! I'm so happy with my first place here in Fehmarn Nobody thought I could have made it, even me honestly. Congratulations to all the riders for putting down a sick show," said Matchu Lopes.

Airton Cozzolino heads to the final stage of the 2017 GKA World Tour with a comfortable lead over Lopes, but the One Eyes waves may cost him the most coveted wave kitesurfing title on the planet.

There are a couple of scenarios in the mix. If Airton finishes fourth or worse and Matchu finishes second or better, Matchu will be the champion; if Matchu wins the contest, but Airton reaches the final, Airton will be the champion.

2017 Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn | Top 4

1. Matchu Lopes
2. Airton Cozzolino
3. Paulino Pereira
4. Julien Kerneur

2017 GKA World Tour | Top 5 Before Mauritius

1. Airton Cozzolino: 3580 points
2. Matchu Lopes: 3210
3. Paulino Pereira: 3160
4. Mitu Monteiro: 3080
5. Keahi de Aboitiz: 2760

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