Damien Leroy

Damien Leroy and Stacey Fonas have won the 2009 Miami Kitemasters freestyle competition this past weekend at Crandon Park, FL.

In the men's final, Alex Fox was second and Thibault Michiels third.

Stacey edged out Melissa Gil in the finals on her 9.5m Kahoona, impressing the judges with a huge kiteloop and aggressive riding style.

She also finished 3rd in the course racing part of the event. Stacey is Best’s team manager and is an inspiring female rider in the US kiteboarding competition scene.

Keep your eye out for her at upcoming events!

Finally, Mike Gebhardt and Melissa Gil won the 2009 Miami Kitemasters course racing competition.


1st Damian Leroy -- Cabrinha
2nd Alex Fox -- Slingshot
3rd Thibault Michiels -- Naish
1st Stacey Fonas -- Best
2nd Melissa Gil -- Cabrinha
3rd Alizee Brion -- Best


1st Mike Gebhardt -- Cabrinha
2nd Gary Menk -- Cabrinha
3rd Tommy Fields (1st Junior) -- North
1st Melissa Gil -- Cabrinha
2nd Francine Mateos -- Cabrinha
3rd Stacey Fonas -- Best

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