Adam Farrington: he kited for five hours and 19 minutes across the English Channel | Photo: Russell Farrington

A 14-year-old teenager became the youngest person to kitesurf across the English Channel.

Adam Farrington rode his kite from Swanage Beach, in England, to Cherbourg-Octeville, in France, in five hours and 19 minutes.

The schoolboy from Ferndown battled rough seas, 25 mph winds, and had to dodge a few large container ships as he navigated the busy shipping lane.

Farrington traveled 69 miles and suffered a few wipeouts on his way to France. With ten miles to go, the youngster suffered cramps but managed to complete the challenge.

"The biggest challenge was the sea state. Waves were overhead for me, but they were also very close together and confused, making it easy to catch an edge," explained Adam Farrington.

"I found the best plan was to ride the wake coming from the back of the support boat. Having been on port tack for nearly five hours and with ten miles to go I started to get a cramp in my back leg."

When Farrington touched terra firma, his right leg went into spasm, and he couldn't walk anymore. But he had just beat the unofficial record set by 16-year-old Polly Crathorne, in 2010.

The Poole Grammar School pupil says he was inspired by his dad, who has kitesurfed around the Isle of Wight last year. Adam dreams of one day competing at the Olympic Games.

Richard Branson is the oldest person to kite cross the English Channel. He did it aged 61.


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