Paris: riders went kitesurfing on a football field

Paris' Seine River reached the highest level in over a century, and heavy floods took over France's capital.

However, what has become a nightmare for the majority of the citizens, it also created unexpected opportunities for inland kitesurfers.

Parisian kiteboarders woke up on the weekend and were greeted by a flooded football field in Bagatelle, near the Longchamp Racecourse.

In the place of a grassy, green pitch, riders found the ideal flatwater arena for wind sports, and a welcoming mile-long raceway ready for upwind and downwind rides.

The improbable kitesurfing arena quickly attracted dozens of riders who took the most out of this temporary regatta field, with the football and rugby goalposts serving as freestyle features, and La Defense standing out as a dramatic scenic backdrop.

But there were also other riders taking the most out of the floods in the Seine -towed by a winch, a couple of teenagers went wakeboarding up and down the edges of the river.

According to meteorologist, the waters of the Seine River have risen around 20 feet (six meters) above the average for this time of the year.

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