Christian Pesavento: he was lifted by the wind to a height of about 100 feet | Photo: Pesavento/Facebook

A 37-year-old Italian died while kitesurfing off the coast of Porto Seguro, Brazil.

According to police, he was lifted by the wind to a height of about 100 feet (30 meters) and then fell into the water near Praia do Muta, north of Porto Seguro.

Originally from Thiene, in Italy, Christian Pesavento was living in Porto Seguro for seven years, and he knew the local kite spots very well.

According to the early reports, Pesavento was not able to release the kite's safety system, and the wind gusts pulled him up into the sky.

The Italian kitesurfer was riding with four friends, who came to rescue when the accident took place. However, he didn't resist the impact of the fall and died on the scene.

Pesavento's friends told the authorities that they were trying to ride their kites from Porto Seguro's Barramares Beach to Santa Cruz Cabrália, a seven-mile journey.

Christian Pesavento worked as an ice cream man and was an experienced kiteboarder. The autopsy will reveal whether he died from drowning or from the violent impact of the fall.

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