Patagonia: the South American region has perfect conditions for snow kiteboarding | Photo: Flysurfer

Three young riders went on a snow kiteboarding trip to Patagonia.

Ignacio Ortiz, Ivo Pionetti, and Laurent Guyot explore some of the best kiting spots the territory has to offer and were lucky enough to live unforgettable experiences with Mother Nature.

Patagonia is a vast region located at the southernmost tip of South America, and it is shared by Argentina (three quarters) and Chile (a quarter).

It's a wild and raw place where icefields and glaciers, stunning mountain peaks, and boundless steppes impose their brutal force over humans.

Patagonia still remains largely untouched, and that is the reason why it attracts people from all over the world. It occupies an area of 1,043,076 square kilometers.

"Patagonia is unpredictable. On the same day, you can have snow, sun, and rain. In one second, everything changes," notes Pionetti.

"The local guys helped us carrying our gear, and showed us some secret spots they have."

The trio toured and explored Patagonia's best known kiting zones, including C4, Chapelco, Paso Samore and Traful, and even found time for a quick kite skating session.

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