Maarten Haeger: the first kiteboarder to pull a 30-meter plus big air

Maarten Haeger became the first kiteboarder to record a 30-meter plus jump on a tracking sensor.

The rider from the Netherlands crushed the world record by flying 32 meters (104.9 feet) high in the skies of Misty Cliffs, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The wind was blowing in the 40-to-48-knot range, and the 17-year-old improved the previous record set at 29.6 meters (97.1 feet) by Gijs Wassenaar.

"What a day! It was definitely one to remember. The stoke is just insane!" expressed Haeger.

"All those times waking up at 5 am to get the strongest wind to try setting my own WOO goal a bit higher were totally worth it!"

The first kiteboarder to break the 30-meter barrier was riding a Core XR5, 8m2 kite.

The new milestone will certainly boost big air's reputation as one of the most exciting kiteboarding disciplines in the world right now.

Are you getting into big air kiteboarding? Learn how to jump high and land your kite safely.

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