GKA World Tour: home of wave and freestyle kiteboarding | Photo: GKA

Because changes in professional kiteboarding are a must, here's another one.

The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) will be the umbrella for the upcoming wave and strapless freestyle, and freestyle kiteboarding world tours.

According to GKA, the former World Kiteboarding Championships (WKC) will be dropped, and the home of the freestylers and wave kitesurfers will be one.

The newly created GKA World Tour will run both the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup and GKA Freestyle World Cup.

"To unify the sport of kiteboarding and its future, the WKC has decided to join forces with the GKA, so that all disciplines can now come under one umbrella," explains Youri Zoon, chairman of the Kite Riders United (KRU).

"The new world tour will also open the door to different formats, such as big air. Kiteboarding is not only about one single discipline, but about all disciplines coming together to create a strong image and platform for the sport."

However, the GKA is not clear about the future of the Air Games, the big air world tour initiated last year, and how wave kitesurfing and strapless freestyle will run under the same World Cup.

The Global Kitesports Association (wave and freestyle) and the International Kiteboarding Association (racing) are the only organizations authorized by World Sailing to run world kiting competitions.

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