Aaron Hadlow: he has been riding his kite for 20 years | Photo: Laci Kobulsky

Time goes by quickly. Can you believe Aaron Hadlow is riding his kite for 20 years?

2019 marks Hadlow's 20th year since he first flew a kite, and a feature-length movie will be released during summer.

"I took this milestone as a challenge to document the best action and the journey through my favorite disciplines in kiteboarding," explains Aaron Hadlow.

Hadlow and filmmaker Laci Kobulsky joined forces and spent a year on the road, traveling to multiple locations, meeting up with friends, and finding the best riding conditions.

The 30-year-old kiteboarder from Cornwall is a five-time world champion and a two-time Red Bul King of the Air champion.

Hadlow is often considered one of the most advanced progressive kiteboarders on the planet, and a true innovator when it comes to inventing new tricks and maneuvers.

In the past decade, the British kitesurfer was able to successfully balance his competitive drive with the free-riding projects he has always been known for.

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