Shippagan, Canada

This year the KPWT will stop in North America, the first time in the KPWT history, a new stop on the tour 2009.

The event, held in Shippagan, Canada will take place over an action packed week, starting with registration on the 23rd August 2009. Total Prize money on offer is 30.000 euro over the five disciplines being, Freestyle Wave Masters Kiteloop Course Racing Pro Am - Sliders.

Shippagan lies in the province of New Brunswick on the Acadian Peninsula. Home to New Brunswick's largest fishing fleet, Shippagan Les Iles, has its own culture based on the fishing industry.

Shippagan offers a variety of riding locations that offer waves, glassy flat conditions and consistent winds. Shippagan Les es is an archipelago of three islands (Shippagan, Lame and Miscou) located at the very north of New Brunswick. The islands are very close to each other, creating lagoons where you'll find outstanding flat-water spots.

KPWT invites you to the first World Tour event to be held in this region, which is set to be a spectacle not to be missed.

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