The Corniel Brothers

Cabarete Summer Fest co-founder and long time professional kiteboarder Luciano Gonzalez has for years dedicated his time to kiteboarding and the community.

Being one of the very first professional kiteboarders from the Dominican Republic, his experience and expertise is irreproachable and highly valuable in the making of the Summer Fest.

Launching this new kiteboarding championship for charity is an important step on the road towards better days for both athletes and children and finished with success after two days of freestyle and race down the coastline of Cabarete.

Seeing more than 30 kites in the air competing for fund raising purposes brought a big crowd to Kite Beach to support the athletes and the cause.

Although Cabarete Summer Fest struggled a bit with the wind conditions, the outcome could hardly have been more successful.

As Cabarete is known for world known kiteboarding names from the world tours, the riders list was impressive and exactly in the spirit of what this event was all about.

Side by side with the DR riders we saw international riders taking the challenge against names like Ariel Corniel, Alex Soto, Luis Alberto and Emmanuel Rondon, who can all refer to long lists of excellent world tour results throughout the past few years.

This event presented only local competitors on the winners podiums and reflects a kiteboarding standard of the DR that deserves more attention and help to grow towards a solid kiteboarding institution.

The winners are;


Bobo Corniel (EH Kiteboarding, Maraja Beach Club, Tremendo, Panaderia La Campagna)
Ariel Corniel (Panaderia La Campagna, Lifestyle Holidays, Plinsi Cabarete Kiteboards, CM, Grupo Consolidado)
Luis Alberto Cruz (EH Kiteboarding, Grupo Consolidado, muradas)


Ariel Corniel (Panaderia La Campagna, Lifestyle Holidays, Plinsi Cabarete Kiteboards, CM, Grupo Consolidado)
Alex Soto (Starkites, DonkeyDick Kiteboarding)
Luis Alberto Cruz (EH Kiteboarding, Grupo Consolidado, muradas)

Women Freestyle

Audrey Meyer
Aline Vetterli
Samantha Ciotti

The Luciano Gonzalez Cabarete Kitesurf Open is the first step towards a full summer tour to keep raising money and awareness around the educational situation in the DR.

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