KPWT 2008

This year KPWT will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the KPWT 1998. Every community in kitesurf is invited to participate in this year-long celebration of KPWT'S.

We welcome you to St Gilles Croix de Vie, Vendee, France, for the St Gilles Kitesurf Pro, and only french stage of the 2008 KPWT season.

This french stage of the 2008 KPWT will be the third time in St Gilles Croix de Vie. Launched in 1999, the Kiteboard Pro World Tour is the professional world cup of Kiteboarding that promotes the sport and its star riders on an international level. The 2008 series of 8 events crowns the men and women world champions, for Senior and Junior divisions.

Congratulations on being invited to be a part of this event, which we hope we’ll be memorable for you both, athletes and medias.

The city of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and Vendee to a wider extent are well-known for being part of the best water sports centers in France. St Gilles Croix de Vie bears in particular the « France Station Nautique » label, which proves the city’s dynamism in water and extreme sports and capacity to offer the required infrastructures to host an international event such as the St Gilles Kitesurf Pro.

The beach, called “La Grande Plage”, is the main beach surrounding the city. St Gilles offer a South to North wind from 15 to 35 knots, perfect for a wave event. It’s a good quality beach-break, working at less than 1m - 3ft and holds up to 2.5m+ / 8ft+, swell direction NorthWest, West, SouthWest, wind NorthEast, East, SouthEast.

The St Gilles Kitesurf Pro will feature the world’s top 32 professional kiteboarder’s men and 8 professional women competing during two different races and a wave event. Freestyle: The winner will gain 1 000pts, taken into account in the world overall ranking. 12 000€ Prize Money; Course Racing : speed race from a point to another. 4 000€ Prize Money; Wave Masters : a 100% wave riding discipline. 7 500€ Prize Money.

Source: Kiteforum

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