Lanzarote: battle ground for the kiteboarding competitions

The Lanzarote Kiteboard Pro 2010 is on the KPWT event schedule for 2010!

The PKRA, due to whatever reason have withdrawn from Lanzarote and do not have local commitment to host an event this year. Nacho Ignacio Herrero Lanz the local organiser has officially canceled the event with the Local Government.

In respect for the Local Government, Authorities of Lanzarote, Santa Surf, and KPWT, Maurico Toscano, the PKRA promoter, must stop immediately promoting the PKRA event of Lanzarote.

The Kiteboard Pro World Tour and La Santa Surf are pleased to bring you the Lanzarote Kiteboard Pro. Famara, Lanzarote is a highly regarded location for good Waves, great Freestyle, good wind and superb weather. This is another exciting step towards the KPWT 2010 titles.

The KPWT has worked hard for over a year to secure this location within the calendar and are happy to announce they will be the only tour to experience the wonder that is, the Canary islands.

To confirm and settle all confusion for riders, media and sponsors, this is a KPWT event and one that will be remembered for years to come. The KPWT will encourage many top international riders, especially a large contingent from Europe so we can expect a high level of competition!

This is an exciting new step for the KPWT and for Lanzarote tourism and we are happy to promote the sport within this wonderful kiteboarding region.

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