2010 Miami Kitemasters: race kiters, race (Photo: FKSA.org)

Tommy Fields and Damien Leroy were crowned winners of the Freestyle and Racing competitions of the 2010 Miami Kite Masters, held at Crandon Park, in Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida.

The event gathered top world kiteboarders like Melissa Gil, Kent Marinkovic, Brandon Bowe, Matt Collins and many more.

In the Women's division, Stacey Fonas and Melissa Gil took the Freestyle and Racing victories.

The 2010 Miami Kite Masters had plenty of wind and lots of exciting moments in this thrilling international kiteboarding happening.

Next year, the 2010 Miami Kite Masters will be held on April 9th & 10th, in Crandon North Beach, Key Biscayne, Florida.

2010 Miami Kite Masters results:

Freestyle MEN:

1 Tommy Fields
2 Damien Leroy
3 Brandon Bowe

Freestyle WOMEN:

1 Stacey Fonas
2 Jamie Fields
3 Melissa Gil

Racing MEN

1 Damien Leroy
2 Mathieu Kerjean
3 Gary Menk

Racing WOMEN:

1 Melissa Gil
2 Jamie Fields


1 Tommy Fields


1 Kent Marinkovic - also 2nd overall :))

SUP Relay Races:

1- The Kiteshop Miami
2- Adventure Sport Miami
3- Euro Trash

Miami Kiteboarding Master 2010 Strapless Contest results:


1 Matt Collins
2 Damien Leroy
3 Loni Morris


1 Melissa Gil
2 Jamie fields

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