Ford Kite Cup: no cars allowed

Victor Borsuk won the first stage of the Polish Kitesurfing Championships - the Ford Kite Cup 2010 - held in Hel Peninsula.

This event featured both Course Racing and Freestyle.

With good wind conditions many innovative tricks, the Polish showed top kitesurfing performances in the Freestyle class.

The fastest racer was Łukasz Ceran, an athlete that dominated all seven races.

The results of the first phase of the Polish Cup and Polish Championships:

Freestyle - Women
1. Karolina Winkowska
2. Joanna Litwin
3. Wiktoria Boszko

Freestyle - Męn:
1. Victor Borsuk
2. Łukasz Ceran
3. Marek Rowiński ju
4. Paweł Kiczka
5. Kamil Gajdziński
5. Marcin Maciejewski
5. Tomasz Janiak
5. Łukasz Maciejewski

Freestyle - Masters:
1. Tomasz Janiak
2. Tomasz Lebecki
3. Marcin Maciejewski

Freestyle - Junior:
1. Michał Maciejewski
2. Wojtek Issel
3. Joanna Litwin

Course Racing (7 Races):
1. Łukasz Ceran
2. Wojciech Issel
3. Tomasz Janiak

Kiterooming - Men

1. Victor Borsuk

Kiterooming - Women:
1. Joanna Litwin

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